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Change We Can Believe In!

Barack Obama is all about “change,” ain’t he? It was one of the main taglines of his campaign. If you […]

CSI: Miami

My wife watches this show every Monday. I fucking hate David Caruso. HATE him! I swear, every time I see […]

Something to Think About

I’m not one of those do-gooders that thinks we should “all go out and vote.” I honestly do believe that […]

America, F*ck Yeah!

Snapped this picture at the Sertoma Cajun Air Festival this weekend. Thought I’d have a little fun with it. Maybe […]

Greatest Movie Line Ever

In honor of election day coming up. I’m no big John McCain fan, and you may not be either, but […]

Nice Guys Finish Last…

I really hadn’t planned on posting so soon after my last one, but I posted this on a message board […]

It’s Over

It’s finally over. My son’s first season as a little league baseball player. He’s never played ball before, so the […]

I Should Have Answered the Phone

It was a muggy Sunday afternoon. My head was pounding. I had spent the majority of the afternoon lying prone […]